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DFSK Light Commercial Vehicles

DFSK K01H Dropside

K01H Dropside Petrol engine three way dropside
K01H Dropside compact and manoeuvrable
K01H Dropside large flexible load area

The DFSK K01H Dropside is a no frills hard working value for money vehicle offering you a robust, spacious three way dropside load bed in a compact body. It is ideally suited to restricted workplaces such as urban building sites or public park paths, which larger vehicles simply cannot access.

The petrol engine gives simple reliability without the expensive issues that come with dpfs, dual mass flywheels or the particle emissions associated with diesel engines.

The DFSK K01H is an excellent base for convertors wishing to make bespoke vehicle such as milk floats, cherry pickers and small campervans.

Available Early 2020

DFSK K01H Tipper

K01H Tipper petrol engine three way tipper
K01H Tipper everything you really need
K01H Tipper compact and manoeuvrable

The DFSK K01H Tipper is unique in the UK Light Commercial Vehicle marketplace. The electrically powered tipper body gives a three way tipping function with a payload of 687kg and can be controlled either from the cab or externally with a wander lead.

As with our K01H Dropside, the Tipper is powered by a 1.2litre pertrol engine, ideal for short, low speed working journeys

Available Early 2020

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Coming soon to the British car market, the new Glory 580 from DFSK. A practical seven seater SUV, the Glory provides a serious choice for the new car buyer looking for style and features that won’t break the bank.

If you're interested in the Glory please bookmark this website.

Sokon Electric Commercial Vehicles

On sale in 2020, the new EC35 will prove to be a new niche competitor in the UK electric commercial vehicle market. The EC35 adheres to the same ‘everything you really need’ philosophy as it’s DFSK cousins, yet also provides a sizeable 5 cubic metres of load area volume together with a range of 138 miles and an excellent value for money price.

If you’d like to know more about the EC35 nearer the launch date then please bookmark this page.


We are currently building a small professional network of respected dealers across Britain that can sell and service DFSK light commercial vehicles. Our initial dealers will be shown on the new website along with their full contact details..

DFSK Parts

On launch a comprehensive range of Sokon parts will be available both for customer dealer support and walk in sales at dealerships. As we will be supplying businesses users our dealers will be able to offer a full VOR support service.

About Sokon Automotive

DFSK is a joint venture of Sokon Group and Dongfeng Motor – one of China’s largest manufacturers, making amongst others PSA and Honda vehicles for the domestic Chinese market.

DFSK was established to specialise in the production of light commercial and SUV vehicles. Operating from four sites across China and Indonesia, DFSK LCVs are manufactured at a state of the art factory in Chongqing which produces over 1,800 vehicles per day.

To date DFSK has achieved worldwide sales of over 300,000 units.

In the UK, DFSK vehicles are imported and distributed by Sokon Automotive, a newly established British company. We are dedicated to providing compact, hard working, value for money LCVs to Britain's business and municipal sectors.

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