About Sokon Automotive

Sokon Automotive is a British company established in 2019 to initially import DFSK and Sokon vehicles into the United Kingdom.

DFSK’s roots go back to 1969 when Dongfeng Motor Group (DFM) was founded in the city of Chongqing, China. For many years Dongfeng have been one of China’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, making over four million vehicles in 2012 and accounting for a 21% share of the domestic Chinese market.

In 2003 Dongfeng formed a partnership with Chongqing Sokon Industry Group Ltd called DFSK, to specialise in the production of light commercial and SUV vehicles. Operating from four sites across China and Indonesia, DFSK light commercial vehicles are manufactured in Chongqing at a plant which produces over 1,800 vehicles per day. To date DFSK has achieved worldwide sales of over 300,000 units.

Sokon Group's core business lies with engine and electric engine development. To support this Sokon also has subsidiary companies within the powertrain, component and alternative fuel development sectors, in addition to vehicle manufacturing and sales and service outlets.

In 2017 Sokon launched a United States based electric car division SF Motors (now re-branded as Seres) along with a co-founder of Tesla Motors.

Sokon is a truly multinational company, selling it’s products in 70 countries worldwide.

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