In order for the warranty to stay valid, your vehicle must be serviced according to the schedule set out in this handbook.

The DFSK Unique Local Servicing Solution

Clients who are located more than 30 miles from their nearest DFSK agent can nominate their own garage to carry out your service and warranty work. The garage must be a bonafide VAT registered business to comply with the terms that the warranty company have stipulated.

How to make a claim

If you need to make a warranty claim, please go to www.mbginsurance.co.uk. Click on ‘make a claim’ and follow the procedure. You or your agent will be asked for an estimate and proof of service history. If you have no service history the claim maybe rejected.

The full details of this warranty can be found within your vehicle pack located in the vehicle.

If the vehicle develops a less serious fault and continuing to operate it will not cause any further damage, the vehicle should be taken to a service centre for an estimate. The warranty claim should then be submitted, with a copy of the estimate, and photographs as appropriate, via the MB&G warranty website, for the repairs to be authorised. You will need a claim number before work can commence.

The telephone number for MB&G claims is:

0191 258 8156,
available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

It is the responsibility of the customer to inform the repairer that a warranty exists on this vehicle. DO NOT proceed with any repairs on this vehicle until the claim is authorised by the MB&G Warranty Administrator by the issuing of an authority number by MB&G when the component or repair is under their jurisdiction. The contact details of the Administrator can be found at the end of this section, in the information wallet in the vehicle or alternatively on the Sokon Automotive Website at www.sokonautomotive.com/warranty for any other claims not the responsibility of the Warranty provider using the appropriate form inside the Information Wallet or downloadable from our website. Any repair completed without a written record of authority will not be accepted by MB&G or Sokon Automotive.

If you transfer your vehicle to another owner within the warranty period, a change of owner must be registered with MB&G as described in your policy documentation and fees may apply.

All trim, glass, wheels and tyres, hinges, brake linings, seized brake callipers. Excluding normal wear and tear and accident damage.

Should the vehicle not be insured under MB&G you should inform the Warranty Department at Sokon Automotive to ensure continuity of service through our warranty back up service.

To achieve this you can either fill in the relevant change of owner and warranty transfer cards found in your Information wallet kept in the glove box of the vehicle or e-mail us at warranty@sokonautomotive.com with the change of details where the same Terms and Conditions apply.

Alternatively, you can register the change on the ‘Ownership’ page on our website through the contact box and await confirmation that the change has been registered or by e-mailing ownership@sokonautomotive.com giving full details of the vehicle and any other relevant information we will require including the preferred servicing agent should you wish to have an efficient service provided as much information you can give us will be help in the strictest confidence and securely.

Should the warranty be rejected by MB&G Insurance they will by matter of course forward the claim to our own warranty department found at www.sokonautomotive/warranty where any requirements will be considered subject to the normal terms and conditions and reflecting the MB&G published labour rates and recovery parameters applying to your warranty at the time.

Should you require to ascertain the amounts at any time they can be found at www.mbginsurance.co.uk or at www.sokonautomotive/warranty where a link can be found addressing that point.

The Sokon Automotive Warranty, supplemental to the MB&G warranty covering this vehicle, offers a further Limited Warranty covering the same period as described above.

This warranty is limited to include some of the components which are excluded in the main MB&G warranty.

Components that are covered by this warranty

  • All trim, glass, wheels and tyres, hinges, brake linings, seized brake callipers. Excluding normal wear and tear and accident damage.
  • HT leads, spark plugs, filters, wiper blades, lights and bulbs, auxiliary drive belts. Excluding normal wear and tear and accident damage.
  • Damage caused by the failure of the engine timing belt, is included only if it has been changed in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Airbags and wiring looms. Excluding accident damage.
  • Mountings, pipes and hoses, water ingress, cables and brackets, bolts and fixings, exhaust system. Excluding normal wear and tear, accident damage or abuse.
  • Worn or leaking seals and cylinders, block liners, excluding any component which has failed as a result of incorrect oil or fluid levels not being maintained.
  • LPG conversions are also excluded.
  • External oil leaks. Excluding abuse or accident damage.
  • Specialist body conversions will only be covered if the conversion was carried out prior to the vehicle being sold new. I.E. tipper truck or cherry picker conversion
  • The conditions and exclusions detailed in the MB&G Insurance warranty document also apply to this supplementary warranty.

This extended warranty is activated by MB&G through our own warranty department which you can e-mail warranty@sokonautomotive.com and we will deal with the claim directly using the same labour rate parameters and the same guidelines as MB&G regarding reputable repairers.

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